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    Dynamic calibration

    Brompton Technology legacy vs dynamic calibration graph

    Dynamic Calibration is a revolutionary new approach to calibrating panels; maintaining uniformity while unlocking the full potential of LEDs, to achieve previously unattainable levels of brightness and colour saturation.

    The legacy approach is to apply a fixed, factory-specified calibration that is used for all content over the entire life of the panel, which can result in panels performing below the brightness they are capable of.

    Dynamic Calibration is highly flexible, using the immense power of the Tessera R2 receiver card’s Dynamic Engine to process information in real-time – with no added latency – to intelligently determine the best possible way to drive each LED.

    This results in brighter whites, higher contrast ratios, more saturated colours, and true-to-life colour accuracy for incredible image depth and realism.


    EXTREME BRIGHTNESS: Ultra-bright areas of video content make full use of the LEDs brightness for maximum visual punch

    OUTSTANDING UNIFORMITY: Smooth areas of content are displayed with remarkable uniformity to ensure image clarity

    PRECISE COLOUR ACCURACY: Sensitive areas of content, such as skin-tones, are perfectly balanced for authentic, lifelike colours

    INTENSE COLOUR SATURATION: In vivid areas of colour, Dynamic Calibration adapts to employ the maximum available gamut of the LEDs, delivering eyecatching, vibrant imagery

    Woman in red dress - Dynamic Calibration technology example
    Dynamic Calibration - Software UI - Interface

    The dynamic nature of the system means the desired brightness, primary colours and white point are all fully user-adjustable.

    What would previously have required a lengthy and expensive recalibration process can now be done at any time from the simple new DynaCal user interface on any Tessera processor, with changes seamlessly reflected in real-time on the screen – even during a live event.

    This new level of interactivity encourages experimentation and more aggressive choice of colour and brightness targets to unleash the performance of your LEDs.

    Zebra - Over-Bright

    Dynamic Calibration’s colour processing ensures beautiful uniform video content even at extremes of brightness and colour gamut.

    Zebra indicators can be enabled to highlight areas of the image that are trying to drive the LEDs beyond their peak brightness or colour gamut, allowing for easy and quick fine-tuning.

    Zebra - Out of Gamut
    The Hydra system - Dynamic Calibration technology

    This technology isn’t just for brand new LED panels; existing panels using the Tessera R2 receiver card can be given new lease of life with Dynamic Calibration by recalibrating them using Brompton’s Hydra system.

    Panels may then be used with any Tessera processor, all of which fully support Dynamic Calibration following a free firmware update.

    For more detailed information on this and other Brompton Technology products, technologies and features, please see our Documentation library with downloadable .pdfs




    Real-time compensation for thermal artefacts such as pink/cyan pin-cushioning, and gradients due to swapped modules.


    Overcome limitations in driver chips, LEDs and panel design to ensure neutral colour balance across the greyscale. 


    Get greater brightness and colour ranges with a higher bit depth, for sharper, vivid, detailed, lifelike images.
    Tessera Processors
    The Brompton HDR ready panels are creating extremely high-quality images as well as providing in-depth colour science data for our pipeline, benefitting both real-time and pre-rendered workflows.
    The Brompton HDR ready panels are creating extremely high-quality images as well as providing in-depth colour science data for our pipeline, benefitting both real-time and pre-rendered workflows.
    Peter Canning – High Res
    When we saw the Brompton Dynamic Calibration system in prototype form at LDI last year, we knew it was going to be a game-changer, so we immediately placed orders to ensure that we would benefit from this technology as soon as it became available to the market,”….“We were delighted to learn that this system would not only work on new panels but on existing stock as well, meaning our current customers would gain a new lease of life on their original investments…
    Frank Montero – ROE Visual US
    Hydra [and Dynamic Calibration] maximizes colour saturation, brightness and balance to deliver the best image possible. Other providers have claimed HDR before but Brompton is the first to actually provide it.
    Josh Perlman – World Stage