Dark Time Insertion

Enhance motion clarity in fast-action content for applications such as esports and simulation.

Dark Time Insertion, available as part of our ShutterSync® feature on the Tessera SX40 and S8 processors, is particularly beneficial for applications where there is fast movement in the content, such as esports and simulation, and a desire to enhance motion clarity. 

More clarity in fast movement

Simple to set up and use

Beneficial for esports and simulation

Simulator F1
Fast content appears sharper and clearer

The Dark Time Insertion feature operates on a simple premise: inserting some dark time between consecutive frames.

This dark time separates the frames, reducing the persistence of vision effects that can create an appearance of motion blur, with the result that fast-moving objects appear sharper and clearer. 

Simple to set up and use

Using the ‘Eye’ mode in our ShutterSync feature, dark time can be inserted into the frame period either by setting an absolute time for the dark time in milliseconds or by specifying a percentage of the frame period to be dark.  

Dark Time Insertion does not require the use of High Frame Rates (HFR+) or Frame Remapping and can be used with all panel types. 


For more detailed information on this you can download the data sheet. 


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