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    Brompton Technology
    Brompton Technology Ltd
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    Flexibility for beautiful mid-range projects

    Brompton Technology’s Tessera S8 LED processor is perfect for high-profile projects that don’t require large output capacity but would still benefit from the flexibility of Brompton’s industry-leading Tessera feature set and easy-to-use software.

    Sitting alongside the award-winning Tessera SX40, this mid-range LED processor provides stunning results with support for all of Brompton’s ground-breaking Tessera processing features, including HDR and Dynamic Calibration as well as Extended Bit DepthHFR+ (High Frame Rate) and Frame Remapping. Additionally, Stacking can be used to control multiple processors as one.

    It offers full 4K60 input support, with eight 1G outputs each capable of 525K pixels at 60Hz, 8 bits per colour, and has a zero-latency up/down scaler that matches the source to the screen.

    The Tessera S8 allows for full HD output with closed loop redundancy, making it the obvious choice for rental companies looking to maximise their offering for those more cost-conscious events.

    Tessera S8 LED Processor
    Extended Bit Depth

    New levels of dynamic range are a free update away! Unlock up to 3.3 additional bits of precision and reap the rewards of superb image quality and maximised HDR content.

    Extended Bit Depth

    With Stacking, multiple processors can be controlled as one. Setups can be as large and versatile as you need them to be – with quicker, greatly simplified control.

    Tracking Markers

    Our Tracking Markers feature is compatible with the Mo-Sys StarTracker system and overlays configurable tracking markers onto your displayed video content.

    Tracking Markers
    Operating Modes

    Changing between Operating Modes is quick and easy, and it puts the final decision on which aspect of visual performance is most important back in the hands of the user.

    Operating Modes

    ShutterSync tunes the LED screen to the camera, not the other way around, giving back creative flexibility for camera configuration.

    Frame Remapping

    Frame Remapping makes it possible for multiple cameras to each see different content when viewing the same LED screen at the same time.

    Frame Remapping
    3D LUT

    Import a 3D LUT directly into your Tessera software project file, for advanced colour management capabilities.

    3D LUT
    HFR+ (High Frame Rate)

    HFR+ offers the power to play video content on an LED screen at up to 250 fps (frames per second).

    HFR+ (High Frame Rate)
    Ultra Low Latency

    Ultra Low Latency reduces the end-to-end latency to just 1 frame, providing a solution for broadcast television and film industries.

    Ultra Low Latency

    High Dynamic Range offers greater brightness and colour ranges with a higher bit depth, appearing perceptibly sharper and more detailed for vivid, lifelike images.


    Provides real-time compensation for thermal artefacts such as pink/cyan pin-cushioning, and gradients due to swapped modules.


    Limitations in the driver chips, LEDs and panel electrical design can be overcome to ensure neutral colour balance across the entire greyscale.

    Dark Magic

    Improves the appearance of panels operating at less than their maximum brightness by reducing banding and increasing the detail in dark areas.

    Dark Magic

    On-Screen Colour Adjustment (OSCA) enables a special user interface to appear on the LED screen itself, allowing for quick, easy module and seam selection.


    Offers powerful and intuitive colour correction with two operating modes – 14 Way Colour Corrector and Colour Replace. Easily and independently adjust primary, secondary and tertiary colours.


    The Tessera system is genlocked from the video input all the way down to the LED refresh cycle, giving perfectly smooth video with no dropped or doubled frames.


    Delivers ultimate peace of mind for users by introducing an auto-failover mechanism that allows a back-up processor to take over in just a few seconds.

    Tessera Software

    Tessera Management Software gives you full control over your Tessera System, with an array of powerful, easy-to-use features for an impeccable show every time.

    Tessera Software
    Racing game on big screen - Ultra Low Latency & High Frame Rate demonstration
    Ultra low latency and high frame rate

    The Tessera S8 LED processor already has an industry-leading 2 frames end-to-end latency. Now ultra low latency reduces this to just 1 frame, making it easier to synchronise live action with visual effects, virtual sets and cameras.

    HFR+ (High Frame Rate) gives you the power to play video content on an LED screen at up to 250 fps (frames per second). It offers significantly smoother motion, reduced motion artefacts in fast moving content, and reduces input lag – enabling content to be displayed on screen faster than ever before.

    custom fixture control

    It’s easy to get a show up and running with the Tessera S8, with several powerful features for configuring your fixtures:

    Quick Association, a fast and easy way to associate large numbers of fixtures to your processor

    Pixel Mapping, allowing free placement and rotation of fixtures to 0˚ / 90˚ / 180˚ / 270˚ regardless of cabling order

    Sub-fixture support

    Main project screen - live control of the stage
    Closed-loop redundancy diagram
    Closed loop redundancy

    The Tessera S8 processor delivers peace of mind for users with the ability to operate a full HD output with closed loop redundancy.

    Cabling loops are created from the primary port, through a string of fixtures, and then back to the processor.

    In case of unexpected signal loss or errors with the loop or primary feed, the backup port takes control and within one frame switches to the backup feed, ensuring a worry-free live show.

    downloads & other information
    r2 Receiver card

    The R2 Receiver Card is the most powerful Tessera receiver card ever, supporting a 262k pixel capacity, making it perfect for all types of LED panels.

    Tessera R2 Receiver Card

    See and compare the capacities and features of all Tessera LED Processors.

    Brompton Technology Compare All Products

    Download the Tessera SX40 processor datasheet .pdf with full product technical specifications.


    Download the latest version of the Tessera software and firmware.

    Tessera Processors
    tessera s8 inputs & outputs
    Technical specifications


    • 482.6mm (19”) x 88.9mm (3.5”) x 406.4mm (16”)
    • Rear width: 431.8mm (17”)


    • 550mm (21.65”) x 220mm (8.66”) x 520mm (20.5”)


    • 7.50Kg (16.53lbs)


    • 10Kg (22lbs)
    • Switched autoranging power supply
    • 100 – 240V AC
    • 50Hz – 60Hz
    • 1.2 – 0.6A
    • One HDMI 2.0 input
    • Full 18Gbps HDMI 2.0 bandwidth, maximum 600MHz pixel clock
    • Up to 4096 x 2160 resolution (progressive only)
    • 23.98Hz to 250Hz framerate
    • 8,10 and 12 bits per channel colour depths
    • RGB and YCbCr 4:4:4, 4:2:2 and 4:2:0
    • Compatible with DVI-D and DisplayPort sources via adapters
    • One 12G SDI input that supports the following:
      • HD-SDI – ST-292
      • 3G-SDI – ST-424, Level A and Level B-DL
      • 6G-SDI – ST-2081
      • 12G-SDI – ST-2082, 2SI format
    • Up to 4096 x 2160 resolution (progressive only)
    • 23.98Hz to 60Hz framerate
    • 10 bits per channel colour depth
    • YCbCr 4:2:2
    • Eight 1 Gigabit Ethernet output ports
    • Supports nominally 525k pixels at 8 bits per colour @ 60Hz
    • Maximum output capacity 4.5 million pixels
    • 10 and 12 bits per colour output supported at reduced pixel counts
    • Closed loop redundancy support
    • Bi-level and Tri-level sync
    • Sync to source
    • Processors genlock from source right through to panel refresh
    • Frame rates from 23.98 to 60Hz
    • 2 frames end-to-end system latency (all features)
    • Local management using monitor, keyboard and mouse connected directly to processor
    • Up to 3840×2160 local monitor resolution supported, minimum 1920×1080 recommended
    • Available free for Windows PC and Mac OS
    • Remote management using Windows PC or Mac connected to processor via Ethernet network
    • Two Gigabit Ethernet management network ports
    • Support for eDMX protocols:
      • Art-Net,
      • Streaming ACN
    • DMX-512A on 5-pin XLR in and thru
    • Tessera Control application for multi-processor control via management network ports
    • IP Control
    • Two USB 2.0 ports on front
    • Two USB 3.0 ports on rear
    • One DisplayPort (DP++) monitor output supporting HDMI, DVI and VGA with adapter
    • Six status LEDs
    • Power LED
    • Freeze button
    • Blackout button
    • Two years
    • CE, ETL/cETL
    League of Legends Testimonial
    “Using Tessera S8 LED processors gave us complete peace of mind in terms of colour control and the ability to deliver a top-notch in-camera visual performance, which were the key objectives of both events. We are very pleased with our investment in Brompton; the processors have been a breeze to work with and we look forward to using them on many more projects.”
    Juay Minghee, Operations Director – CT Singapore