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    Brompton Technology
    Brompton Technology Ltd
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    Dynamic Calibration is the enabling technology for Brompton HDR, as well as performance-enhancing features such as PureTone and ThermaCal.

    To benefit from Dynamic Calibration an LED panel must be fitted with a Tessera R2 or R2+ receiver card and needs to be measured using Hydra – an advanced measurement system custom-designed for LED panels and exclusive to Brompton Technology.

    Dynamic Calibration logo - the Hydra system
    DynaCal Measurement - Tessera Software UI

    Minimal set-up – Just align with the panel at either 4m or 8m – no focus, exposure or zoom adjustments required

    Easy measurement – To measure a panel simply enter a name and a measurement temperature – no need to configure brightness or colour targets

    Robust and minimises user error – The Hydra system incorporates comprehensive error checks to ensure correct alignment of panels and correct measurement temperature

    Multi-language reports – Generate reports in multiple languages to give an objective assessment of panel performance, making it straightforward to confirm that each new batch of panels meets your specifications


    The Hydra system relies on tight integration with the Tessera R2 or R2+ receiver card in each panel to speed up the measurement process like never before.

    It takes measurements using multiple instruments simultaneously, so that a complete cycle of measurements takes only a few seconds per panel.

    For maximum efficiency, the measurement data is uploaded to all panels once they are built in a wall simultaneously, saving time in the calibration lane.

    Tessera R2 Receiver Card
    The Hydra system - Dynamic Calibration technology

    This technology isn’t just for brand new LED panels; existing panels using the Tessera R2 or R2+ receiver card can be given new lease of life with Dynamic Calibration by recalibrating them using Brompton’s Hydra system.

    Panels may then be used with any Tessera processor, all of which fully support Dynamic Calibration following a free firmware update.

    For more detailed information on this and other Brompton Technology products, technologies and features, please see our Documentation library with downloadable .pdfs

    Technical specifications
    • All-in-one integrated design with rugged industrial construction
    • Integrated vibration monitoring and damping
    • Ambient temperature and humidity monitoring
    • Forced-air cooling with replaceable filters
    • Integrated protective hood and dust cover
    • Alignment assistance laser
    • Front-facing LCD screen for real-time alignment indicators
    • Multiple industrial high speed, high resolution cameras with high resolution, low distortion aspherical lenses for unprecedented imaging accuracy and speed
    • Built-in industrial thermal camera for precise panel location and temperature measurement
    • Built-in high resolution, high accuracy spectroradiometer for full spectral data capture

    Two supported measurement distances:

    • 4m for panels up to 0.6m w x 0.8m h
    • 8m for panels up to 1.2m w x 1.6m h
    • Built-in high performance industrial PC with 512GB of internal solid state storage
    • Windows 10 Pro, with ability to connect over a LAN via Microsoft Remote Desktop
    • Two external Gigabit Ethernet ports for remote access and LAN connection for data backup
    • Dedicated Gigabit Ethernet port for direct connection to R2-based panel being calibrated
    • DisplayPort and two USB 2.0 ports for local monitor, keyboard and mouse
    • Two USB 3.0 ports for mass storage devices
    • Operating temperature range: 15 – 30 degrees, ambient temperature must be maintained at a stable level during calibrations to prevent variations in panel behaviour
    • Worldwide auto-ranging mains power input using True1 connector
    • Custom Peli case for safe storage and transport
    • Industrial tripod (portable or factory-installed versions available) with adjustable horizontal rotation and vertical height, plus quick-release mount
    • Two year manufacturer warranty




    Overcome limitations in driver chips, LEDs and panel design to ensure neutral colour balance across the greyscale. 


    Real-time compensation for thermal artefacts such as pink/cyan pin-cushioning, and gradients due to swapped modules.


    Get greater brightness and colour ranges with a higher bit depth, for sharper, vivid, detailed, lifelike images.
    Tessera Processors
    Brompton Technology is a great partner and their new Hydra System will enable WorldStage to provide our customers with the highest quality LED displays in the industry.
    Brompton Technology is a great partner and their new Hydra System will enable WorldStage to provide our customers with the highest quality LED displays in the industry.
    Gary Standard – World Stage
    The advanced features of the Tessera series are unmatched. My discriminating clients can’t believe how much easier and detailed our adjustment options are. I used to be on the client side, Brompton products do what I always thought LED processors should do and didn’t.
    Alex Oliveira – Apex Sound & Light Corporation 
    Hydra [and Dynamic Calibration] maximizes colour saturation, brightness and balance to deliver the best image possible. Other providers have claimed HDR before but Brompton is the first to actually provide it.
    Josh Perlman – World Stage