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Tessera’s ChromaTune feature is perfect for making precise adjustments and corrections to the colours in your incoming video signal.

Use it to ensure a perfect colour match any time you need it; whether it’s for corporate logos in their correct brand colour, or a product on a trade show stand matching the promotional video playing behind it on an LED screen.

ChromaTune is exclusive to the Tessera M2, S8 and SX40 LED processors, and has two primary operating modes.


This mode lets users independently adjust primary, secondary and tertiary colours in a video without affecting any other colours.

Hue, saturation and brightness adjustment controls for each colour are available, as well as red, green and blue gains provided for both black and white. 

Before Colour Replace
After Colour Replace

This mode allows you to select a particular colour in a video which may need adjusting and offers tools to fine-tune it: a colour picker is provided so you can easily select the new colours you want from a still of the video feed itself.

In addition, there are options available to control the colour and brightness tolerance of pixels to be replaced, as well as the strength. The ‘view matte’ option creates a greyscale image clearly indicating where the replacements will be made. 

For more detailed information on this and other Brompton Technology products, technologies and features, please see our Documentation library with downloadable .pdfs

Tessera SX40

Brompton’s first 4K processor and the best LED processor currently available on the market. Used with the XD Data Distribution Unit to provide a comprehensive solution for 4K screens.

Tessera S8

A mid-range processor perfect for high-profile projects that don’t require large output capacity but want the full suite of Tessera processing features.

Tessera S4

A straightforward powerhouse processor built for large, high resolution LED screens, offering fewer creative features for competitive value.

Tessera T1

Designed for creativity, an ideal choice for smaller creative shows and displays that don’t need to output a huge amount of pixels.

Tessera M2

Brompton’s flagship HD LED processor, offering unrivalled creative and colour management features.