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    High Dynamic Range (HDR) offers a new approach to delivering impressive image quality improvements on LED screens.

    Per pixel, HDR offers greater brightness and colour ranges with a higher bit depth, delivering more detail within the shadows and highlights and more headroom for exceptionally bright content.

    An HDR image appears perceptibly sharper and more detailed with greater ‘depth’, providing vivid, lifelike images when compared to Standard Dynamic Range (SDR).

    HDR is available for R2-based panels calibrated with Dynamic Calibration, and is exclusive to the Tessera SX40 and Tessera S8 LED processors.

    Brompton Technology HDR
    Brompton Technology HDR

    To realise the benefits offered by HDR, full support is required all the way from the video input, through the processor, network, data distribution units, and panel receiver cards.

    The Tessera SX40 and Tessera S8 LED Processors, XD Data Distribution Unit and R2 Receiver Card have the processing capabilities to maintain full HDR video quality throughout the entire system, resulting in breathtaking HDR output quality.


    The Tessera SX40 and Tessera S8 processors automatically detect and handles HDR content, accepting HDR video at up to 12 bits per colour. The Tessera system switches seamlessly between SDR, PQ and HLG with no interruptions.

    HDR is beautifully supported at all resolutions and frame rates, in both of the commonly used HDR formats (PQ (ST-2084) and HLG).

    All Tessera SX40 and Tessera S8 processor features are available for HDR content, ensuring a fully optimised, exceptional performance.

    Brompton Technology HDR
    Brompton Technology HDR

    Fully custom, wide colour gamuts are all supported

    Includes Rec.709, DCI-P3 and Rec.2020 colour spaces

    Custom-developed, LED-specific optimisations in the Tessera LED processing system make the best possible use of the increased range

    Accurately reproduces a full spectrum of vibrant colours for amazingly realistic, visually stunning video content

    For more detailed information on this and other Brompton Technology products, technologies and features, please see our Documentation library with downloadable .pdfs

    Tessera SX40

    Brompton’s first 4K processor and the best LED processor currently available on the market. Used with the XD Data Distribution Unit to provide a comprehensive solution for 4K screens.

    Tessera S8

    A mid-range processor perfect for high-profile projects that don’t require large output capacity but want the full suite of Tessera processing features.

    Tessera S4

    A straightforward powerhouse processor built for large, high resolution LED screens, offering fewer creative features for competitive value.

    Tessera T1

    Designed for creativity, an ideal choice for smaller creative shows and displays that don’t need to output a huge amount of pixels.

    Essay Video Virtual Studio
    “High Dynamic Range (HDR) is the gold standard in LED display quality that very few can offer”
    Gary Standard – World Stage
    “Fuse owns Brompton HDR-enabled tiles, which we’ve used on a couple of shows, and there’s no better colour reproduction than can be achieved with Brompton HDR. The Tessera SX40 processor with HDR firmware is like a match made in heaven.”
    Benjamin Johnson – Fuse Technical Group
    “We pride ourselves on using the latest technologies in order to give the edge to our customers, so being able to offer Brompton HDR for the first time among our other exciting tech innovations fits very well with our corporate strategy”
    Graham Andrews – Creative Technology
    “Working with Brompton is always very easy, it just works… The Bulgari event was a huge success all round. The screens in the ‘Exuberance Room’ looked stunning and offered a truly immersive experience to all the visitors, which is in no small part thanks to Brompton processing.”
    Sean Heiligenthaler – Essay Video