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    Brompton Technology
    Brompton Technology Ltd
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    Brompton Star Tracker UI with markers image

    Accurately tracking the position of the camera is critical to many virtual production and XR applications. There are many different systems for achieving this, but a common approach uses visible markers, such as retro-reflective markers. This can be a problem within an LED volume, especially one with an LED ceiling, where there are no available surfaces to place these markers. SX40 and S8 processors can solve this by displaying suitable markers on the LED screen itself.

    The markers are overlaid on the video content being displayed. Frame Remapping is used to display the markers on output frames which are not visible to the main camera, ensuring the markers will never appear in shot or in reflections.


    Tessera SX40 and S8 processors can display markers for StarTracker, an industry-leading camera tracking system from Mo-Sys. The markers are automatically generated, with the ability to configure the colour and size of the markers from within the processor UI.

    To find out more about Mo-Sys StarTracker, go to their website at 

    Brompton Technology UI tracking markers image