Custom Markers

Create and display just about any kind and shape of digital marker, even text, in your filmed LED environment, without these appearing on camera.

Custom Markers is an addition to the Hidden Markers feature suite and gives broadcasters and filmmakers a multitude of options for displaying custom marker images or a stream of images, in near real time, in the filmed LED environment.

Words, text, QR codes, fiducial markers, talent markers/instructions or digital ‘spikes’ for set placement, all of these, and more, can be used as hidden markers.

Custom Markers allows producers and directors to be more creative about how to use digital markers while also making the on-set experience for talent and camera crew much more effective.


Create and display just about any kind and shape of digital marker, without these appearing on camera.

Send markers to the processor in almost real time.

Does not require Frame Rate Multiplication so won’t affect port capacity.

Support for multi-camera and XR workflows

Presenter Cues During Live Broadcasts

Arrows, marks, words or text can be shared to your LED wall or floor during a broadcast, providing real-time cues to the presenter on where to look or move next.

This can be very helpful in a multi-camera setup, improving the presenter’s experience and performance confidence on set. It also has the potential to reduce rehearsal time – using Custom Markers offers a quick and simple way to visually communicate stage directions or instructions to the presenter at any time.

custom markers on LED floors for TV presenters
Custom marker on an LED wall
Extended Reality Applications

Custom Markers is ideal for broadcast and studio environments where various extended reality or augmented reality elements might come into play.

It can create a completely new experience in an XR broadcast studio that has an LED floor: traditional tape markers would be picked up by the camera, but using the Custom Markers feature, you can apply whatever markers you want in that environment, wherever you want them, and they won’t appear in camera.

Improved Efficiency

As part of the improved Hidden Markers suite, Custom Markers no longer require Frame Rate Multiplication. Hidden Markers can be shown for a fraction of the frame period in the time that the camera shutter is closed, meaning that the frame rate of the project does not need to be increased.

All Hidden Markers can be used without affecting port capacity, so you can run the required number of LED panels without using more cables or additional processors.

Screenshot of UI for custom markers feature

For more detailed information on this download the datasheet

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