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    Brompton Technology
    Brompton Technology Ltd
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    Reproducing accurate and detailed low-brightness imagery is one of the most difficult challenges for an LED panel. Our best-in-class low-brightness processing features bring out the detail in dark imagery without sacrificing quality. Use different tools to ensure the best quality for any situation.


    Reduce banding with Extended Bit Depth and Dark Magic while retaining the details and image properties

    Ensure accurate colour with PureTone

    Tessera processors calibrated with our DynaCal system will get the best out of your content by eliminating unsightly colour casts in your greyscale for balanced, neutral output even in the darker areas

    Recreating Reality - Virtual Production Control
    Brompton Technology - banding comparison - split screen

    You can effectively reduce banding in your content by using the best Operating Mode for each occasion, to get the most out of your panels.

    Use Studio Mode to reduce the maximum brightness when it is not needed, for example in camera setups, which will redistribute these bits of colours over the range of brightness that is being used.


    Extended Bit Depth

    Extended Bit Depth

    New levels of dynamic range. Unlock up to 3.3 additional bits for superb image quality and maximised HDR content.


    Overcome limitations in driver chips, LEDs and panel design to ensure neutral colour balance across the greyscale. 
    Dark Magic

    Dark Magic

    Improve the appearance of panels when used indoors and on-camera at lower brightness, so you can get all the detail you want – without artefacts.
    Operating Modes

    Operating Modes

    Switch between different operating modes so you can choose the panel’s most optimal performance.

    Tessera SX40

    4K Video Processors: The award-winning SX40 | Brompton Technology

    Tessera S8

    A mid-range processor perfect for high-profile projects that don’t require large output capacity but want the full suite of Tessera processing features.

    Tessera S4

    A straightforward powerhouse processor built for large, high resolution LED screens, offering fewer creative features for competitive value.

    Tessera T1

    Designed for creativity, an ideal choice for smaller creative shows and displays that don’t need to output a huge amount of pixels.
    Clueso feat. Elif - Mond - music video
    “Brompton’s Extended Bit Depth capabilities were also a huge benefit on the Polestar project, as we had a lot of ambient light and reflections that all needed to be accurate. The added precision you get with Extended Bit Depth, especially on the low-end brightness levels, makes a significant difference compared to what we’ve seen previously.”
    Luc Delamare, Head of Technology & Virtual Production Supervisor, Impossible Objects
    “Much of the show includes auroras and snow. The auroras have incredibly fine grades of colour. Other LED processors struggled to handle this without banding, but by utilising Tessera’s Dark Magic functionality we were able to achieve impeccable visual performance, significantly improving the quality of the image on LED screens that are operating at less than maximum brightness.”
    Jon Lyle, Ammonite Studios