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    The Tessera XD 10G data distribution unit delivers a flexible and sophisticated single box solution designed specifically for the challenges of large LED display systems.

    Together with the Tessera SX40 LED processor, the XD provides a powerful toolkit for easily and cost-effectively supporting the biggest LED projects. It is compatible with all existing Tessera fixture inventory.

    Tessera XD Data Distribution Unit
    Ten cables into one Ethernet cable and slogan `Why use 10 when 1 is more than enough`

    Trunk connections from a Tessera XD unit use a 10G Ethernet-based backbone to reduce the number of required home-run connections to the processor.

    The Tessera XD uses a proprietary multiplexing algorithm, built on top of standard 10G Ethernet, to ensure that tight timing constraints are met and all fixtures remain perfectly in sync.

    To keep cabling as simple and affordable as possible, each 10G trunk supports up to ten independent 1G connections, compatible with off-the-shelf switches if you need to further split the signals.

    Long Distance Control

    Tessera XD units are sturdy, gig-ready pieces of kit that can be easily truss mounted.

    Tessera XD units are compatible with single mode fibre cables up to 2km in length. This allows for simpler, cleaner cabling, regardless of venue size or processor location; e.g. several XDs mounted close to the LED panel wall, connected by one cable to an LED processor that’s running from the front of house or gallery.

    Additional Tessera XD units can be daisy-chained together to extend the signal, allowing many different screens in different locations to all be connected to a single 10G trunk.

    Tessera XD Data Distribution Unit with truss
    Tessera SX40 LED Processor with XD Data Distribution Unit
    Tessera SX40 LED Processor

    The Tessera XD 10G data distribution unit works seamlessly with the Tessera SX40 LED processor to deliver a flexible, sophisticated single box solution designed specifically to easily and cost-effectively support the biggest LED projects.

    The Tessera SX40 and XD support both copper and single mode optical fibre trunk connections, and the XD can be used to convert between the two media. Trunk connections between a Tessera SX40 and XD, or between XD units, use a 10G Ethernet-based backbone to reduce the number of home-run connections required.

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    r2 Receiver card

    The R2 Receiver Card is the most powerful Tessera receiver card ever, supporting a 262k pixel capacity, making it perfect for all types of LED panels.

    Tessera R2 Receiver Card

    See and compare the capacities and features of all Tessera LED Processors.

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    Download the Tessera XD data distribution unit datasheet .pdf with full product technical specifications.


    Download the latest version of the Tessera software and firmware.

    Tessera Processors
    tessera XD inputs & outputs
    Technical specifications


    • 482.6mm (19”) x 88.5mm (3.486”) x 209.6mm (8.25”)
    • Rear width: 425.5mm (16.75”)


    • 540mm (21.26”) x 350mm (13.78”) x 220mm (8.66”)
    • Unboxed: 3.7Kg (8.16lbs)
    • Boxed: 4.7Kg (10.36lbs)
    • Switched autoranging power supply
    • 100 – 240V AC
    • 50Hz – 60Hz
    • 0.4 – 0.2A
    • PowerCON TRUE1 locking connector with through port for daisy-chaining power (16A maximum)
    • One 10G Tessera Protocol copper input for connection from SX40
    • Supports Neutrik etherCON Cat 6A / etherCON (CAT5e) connectors
    • Compatible with standard Cat6A / Cat5e RJ45 connectors
    • Requires Cat6A cable (up to 60m) or Cat5e cable (upto 30m)


    • One 10G Tessera Protocol fibre input for connection from SX40
    • Supports Neutrik opticalCON DUO / DUO ARMORED / DUO X-TREME / DUO LITE connectors
    • Compatible with standard LC-Duplex connectors
    • Requires 1310nm, 9/125um single-mode fibre (up to 2KM) with PC or UPC connectors


    • 10G Tessera Protocol thru for daisy-chaining of up to five additional XDs with shared bandwidth
    • Auto-switching between fibre and copper
    • Thru port auto-switches independently from input
    • 10 x 1G Tessera Protocol output ports for connection to fixtures
    • Neutrik etherCON connectors, compatible with standard RJ45
    • Each 1G output is capable of 525K pixels at 8bpc, 60Hz
    • Pixel capacity per 1G port scales according to selected bit depth and framerate
    • Capacitive touch LCD display
    • Two years
    • CE, ETL/cETL
    CPL Tropic Skincare `Glambassador` motivational event
    “CPL added Brompton SX40 processors to its rental inventory together with XD signal distribution boxes. CPL likes Brompton for many reasons, including the build quality, robustness and reliability of the products – considered among the best in LED processing – but especially the outstanding tech support and backup.”
    Lee Gruszeckyj – CPL