Deputy General Manager: Shenzhen

2nd July, 2024

Summer joined our Shenzhen operations in October 2018. Not only was she new to Brompton, but also the industry. Entering the world of LED video processing technology was quite a big change for her, but it also turned out to be a golden opportunity. 

The Shenzhen office was just getting off the ground and there was an opening for an office assistant. Summer had planned on getting into sales, a division that didn’t yet exist in the region, but she saw the potential for lots of career as well as personal growth. She shares, “I decided to use this as a springboard into the industry and to familiarise myself with Brompton’s products and features, with the help of Elijah and Pokman.” 

One of Summer’s first tasks was the meticulous planning of the official opening ceremony for the Shenzhen office, which took place in March 2019. She’s very much been part of the Brompton Shenzhen story from the start and shares, “Experiencing the company’s transformation from scratch to entity has been incredibly inspiring.” 

Summer’s growth within the company has been very inspiring too! Building on her early success, she delved deeper into project progress management as well as customer demand analysis. Her professionalism and talents were quickly recognised, and her role steadily evolved from office assistant to project assistant to account manager. 

Now, as deputy general manager, Summer leads the Shenzhen office and is responsible for coordinating customer relationship management and sales and overseeing operations. Her role also involves “strategically navigating customer interactions to drive successful outcomes, with a focus on leadership and client satisfaction”. 


Does Summer still think about a career in sales? After reflecting thoughtfully she shares, “Sales was the starting point of my career, but now I am more eager to immerse myself in the realm of management. My goal is to lead our team with comprehensive and professional methods, collaborate closely with LED screen manufacturers to develop innovative products that meet market demands, and provide exceptional service to our clients.” 

We look forward to watching Summer’s career unfold, along with our growing operations in Shenzhen. She says it’s been a privilege witnessing and being part of that growth so far – from just two permanent staff members when she joined, to a team of 17. She adds, “While our team may still be small in the industry, we possess strong cohesion and an unyielding spirit of progress.”  

There’s no mistaking Summer’s sense of pride in the Shenzhen team, and their achievements, she quotes an ancient saying “Though the sparrow is small, all its vital organs are there” and adds “I am deeply grateful to every team member for their hard work and to our loyal clients who have always understood and supported us. Without their support, our achievements would not have been possible.” 

Even with the meteoric rise of her career, Summer’s answer to the question of hobbies and interests is surprising: “I have many”. Some of the ways she relaxes during her working week include listening to music, watching movies and playing with her cat “Seventeen”. During the weekends and holidays, she plays badminton with her colleagues, and mahjong, which she says is “very popular in China, especially my hometown in Hubei Province”.  

Summer has yet another pastime, sharing “I also love dance”. She trained in ballroom and although she doesn’t Rumba as much now, she continues to practice the ongoing dance of work-life balance. Recently, she discovered the simplicity of “switching off” – putting her computer and phone away so that she can spend quality time “just hanging out” with friends and family. 


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