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    CoPilotXR Highlights the Power and Precision of Brompton’s TrueLight Technology for Virtual Production

    17th July, 2023
    CoPilotXR Highlights the Power and Precision of Brompton’s TrueLight Technology for Virtual Production

    Based in Winnipeg, Canada, CoPilotXR is a technology and services company composed of directors, technical specialists, digital artists, and cinematographers building custom solutions for extended reality (XR) and virtual production. Leveraging cutting edge real-time and AI-driven technology, the team at CoPilotXR delivers consulting services, virtual production stage development, asset creation, and full-service content production. Their popular YouTube and TikTok channels also offer educational tips and engaging behind-the-scenes content.

    As industry leaders in the field of virtual production, CoPilotXR has extensive experience with all varieties of LED processors and panels. “Brompton’s Tessera LED processors are our preferred choice when we consult on virtual production stage builds, and they’re what we feel most comfortable using on virtual production sets,” shared Austin MacKay, Director of Virtual Production, CoPilotXR.

    CoPilotXR’s latest video highlights Brompton’s revolutionary new TrueLight® technology, which works with the company’s next-generation Tessera G1 receiver card to enable RGBW panel control. This combination delivers major benefits in situations where LED panels are contributing to the lighting of a scene, such as in a virtual production volume, where recreating reality is a top priority and the narrow spectral output of conventional RGB panels can cause color shifts and unnatural skin tones.

    CoPilotXR is very excited to amplify the groundbreaking work Brompton Technology is doing, and to draw increased awareness to the significance of RGBW and TrueLight technology in virtual production. “TrueLight stands as a cutting edge solution for achieving precise color and skin tones when using LED walls in virtual production, and we’re glad to show it off to our audience.” added MacKay.

    TrueLight builds upon Brompton’s renowned Dynamic Calibration technology, which is uniquely capable of providing complete spectrally-aware calibration for extra emitters. This ensures that full color and luminance correction are applied on a per-pixel basis, allowing for intelligent RGB to RGBW conversion that gives a broader spectral output for better lighting quality, while maintaining precise color accuracy.

    “This collaboration has provided us with an excellent opportunity to highlight TrueLight and its game-changing benefits for virtual production. It allows us to share a snippet of the future of LED processing for anyone looking to discover the latest technological advancements in the industry.” commented Cesar Caceres, Product Lead, Brompton Technology.

    Creatives can leverage TrueLight in tandem with CoPilotXR’s innovative AI-powered solution, FlightDeck, which is currently in beta. FlightDeck enables users to generate environments in Unreal Engine 5 using a combination of text prompts and integration with Cesium and Google Maps. With just a few words, users can easily create a 3D tessellated mesh of any location within their Unreal Engine scene, complete with materials and textures. Using FlightDeck within a Brompton-powered LED volume enhances the precision of the lighting and color. As CoPilotXR continues to develop FlightDeck, the company aims to innovate how visuals are created and utilised for in-camera visual effects and extended reality virtual productions.

    To watch the new video, visit: