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    Brompton Technology powers Nikon Creates’ new Heiwajima Stage in Tokyo 

    25th October, 2023

    Nikon Creates Studio, a new subsidiary of Nikon Corporation, has recently unveiled its brand-new HEIWAJIMA STAGE, a multifunctional shooting facility created with the support of Global Vision Multimedia (GVM). Located at Nikon Creates’ imaging complex in Tokyo, Japan, the stage features the latest technology, including volumetric video recording systems and a large LED volume for virtual production (VP) setups, driven by Brompton Technology LED processing.  

    The studio’s close proximity to Haneda Airport makes it easily accessible for domestic and international clients. It also allows for easy transportation of equipment, such as lighting and special machinery, enabling efficient shooting for productions of various sizes, including music videos, commercial films, movies, TV dramas, corporate video packages, and video distribution services. 

    HEIWAJIMA STAGE serves as an epicentre for cultivating innovative ideas in collaboration with a new generation of creators. Thanks to cutting-edge technology like Brompton LED processing, it can facilitate the promotion of next-generation visual content. 

    Its impressive LED setup consists of a 10.4m wide by 4.2m high main LED wall made up of Absen AX1.5 PRO, plus a height adjustable ceiling for ambient lighting, comprising Absen JP4 LED panels which measures 6m wide by 4.2m deep. The studio also features two movable 1.8m wide by 3m high Absen LED side screens, again used for ambient lighting. The entire setup is powered by four Brompton 4K Tessera SX40 LED processors, along with 14 Tessera 10G data distribution units. 

    “The SX40 is the pinnacle of tech specifications, which is why we chose it when we started discussions about the project. It also has a proven track record in VP and XR studios around the globe,” says Kazuhiro Hirano, President at Nikon Creates. “It was an easy and obvious decision to use Brompton LED processing. The SX40 is an exceptional LED video processor that enables precise control over colour reproduction and tone adjustments, allowing you to capture the image exactly as you want it.” 

    The remainder of the system includes a disguise vx4+, a vx2, and four rxII units, employing ICVFX as the primary shooting method. The input is compatible with 12G-SDI, and the input/output is optimised for high-resolution shooting. “We utilise Stype’s Redspy as the tracking system, which delivers exceptional performance across all aspects, and naturally, everything is aligned through synchronisation signals, guaranteeing its functionality within the studio,” adds Kazuhiro Hirano. “Furthermore, by employing a motion control system called BOLT, we can achieve distinctive camera work, and there is also a volumetric video studio that can be integrated to foster innovative video expressions.” 

    GVM’s teams are renowned for designing system environments through a combination of hardware engineering and software artistry. For Heiwajima Stage, its technical designers developed a multidisciplinary language that encompassed several key elements, including video projection, show control, lighting design, interactive media and specialised sound systems, creating an inherent symbiosis between a project’s creative vision and its practical realisation. 

    “Our technical teams understand the seamless integration required to cultivate innovative environments that bring our clients’ brands and visions to life,” says Etsushi Oka, Sales Director at GVM. “We like to plan as far in advance as possible when working on projects like Heiwajima Stage, integrating technical layers one by one to ensure there are no unexpected surprises down the road.” 

     “Our Tessera SX40 is a top choice for LED video processing in VP and XR, and we work incredibly hard to ensure our products consistently meet and exceed our clients’ expectations,” concludes Elijah Ebo, Brompton Director of APAC Operations. “We are honoured that Nikon Creates and GVM have put their trust in us for such a future-oriented facility.”