Developed as a toolkit to create natural, harmonious, enveloping, and emotionally engaging listening experiences for rooms of all sizes, from small live music venues to large-scale halls, d&b Soundscape has undergone international tours, and has featured in world-renowned musicals, festivals, and concerts. Most recently, the technology was showcased at Japan’s 2023 Inter BEE tradeshow, integrating not only the German loudspeaker and amplifier manufacturer’s cutting-edge audio solution, but equally cutting-edge video processing from Brompton Technology to deliver an ultra-realistic immersive experience for show visitors.

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As part of the demo setup, the d&b team used a 14m x 2.5m LED vision wall, composed of 140 ROE Visual LED panels powered by a Brompton’s 4K Tessera SX40 LED processor and disguise media servers, supplied by key Japanese AV rental company, Audio Visual Communications (AVC).

“The combination of a high-quality video and audio solution really showcased what can be achieved in driving the immersive experience forward.” shares Craig Lovell, Technical and Business Advisor for d&b audiotechnik Japan.

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With more than half a century of experience in Japan and 15 years in China, AVC was ideally positioned to deliver the LED setup. Hideaki Matsubara, Department Manager of AVC, elaborates on the choice of LED video processing for the demo: “Among suitable LED video processors for the ROE Visual Ruby Series, Brompton Technology’s solution was evaluated as the best choice for picture quality, reliability, and usability,” he notes.

Receiving exceptionally positive feedback from event attendees, Lovell notes they are considering upgrading their demo room to integrate video technology further.

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“Since the acquisition of a number of Visual, Lighting, and Media (VLM) companies, the d&b Group has the knowledge and capability to demonstrate what is possible in a fully integrated AVLM solution,” he says. “We regard the amalgamation of high-quality video and audio solutions as an important factor for us to succeed in the immersive experience industry.”

“True immersion involves engaging all the senses, with sight and sound being two key elements when re-constructing the ‘real’,” concludes Elijah Ebo, Director of APAC Operations at Brompton Technology. “While sound activates a primal reaction within the brain, ‘What am I hearing?,’ the next question the brain asks is, ‘What am I seeing?’ Being able to deliver an experience touching these two senses at a tradeshow was really exciting, and we were thrilled to see d&b utilising Brompton LED video processing to deliver a fully immersive experience.”


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