Supported with funding from Creative UK and in partnership with iMAG Displays, Bristol-based Distortion Studios is the first permanent Virtual Production studio in the South West of England. The innovative 200m² facility is part of Distortion Creative Group Limited, which includes Studio Giggle and Distortion Productions. Utilising industry gold standard Brompton LED processing to power its impressive ROE Visual LED volume, Distortion Studios sets a new benchmark in virtual production in the region.

Distortion Creative Group’s has a long-standing partnership with iMAG. Together, they have delivered various projects for clients such as OVO Energy and CVC Capital Partners.

“When the group decided to launch a specialist virtual production studio, which is the only one in Bristol and the only permanent setup available west of Reading, we approached iMAG to partner with us on the project to supply the LED wall and Brompton Technology LED processing for the studio,” says Distortion Studios Managing Director, Jonathan Brigden. “We believe their expertise in LED is unparalleled, so we had full confidence they would be an excellent partner for this project.”

iMAG’s MD and Technical Director, Alex Strachan, worked closely with Brigden and Nick Diacre, Distortion Studios’ Technical Director, choosing the combination of ROE Visual and Brompton Technology primarily due to its proven reliability. “We knew it would work consistently,” Strachan notes and adds that “the level of control this combination offers surpasses other products in the market!”

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Diacre emphasies that both solutions are perfect for studio use, offering “unprecedented colour control through Brompton’s Tessera software. This capability, along with their support and widespread use of Brompton and ROE, has been immensely beneficial to our production. Colour management is a standout feature, and having absolute control is crucial.”

Distortion Studios’ setup features a Brompton 4K Tessera SX40 LED processor and two Tessera 10G data distribution units, with the team considering adding a second SX40 to accommodate the growing demand for high-speed commercial shooting.

The Brompton LED processing drives an impressive 11m x 4m curved LED Volume comprising ROE Black Pearl 2 V2 LED panels and two 2x3m mobile LED panels. Additionally, the studio boasts two Stype RedSpy tracking systems and Stage Precision as part of its equipment lineup.

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“Our unique and long term partnership with iMAG and their wonderful team of trusted experts is key to the ongoing success of our business,” Brigden explains. “We rely on their knowledge and skill with specialist equipment to ensure that every single event, production or installation is reliable, high quality and, most importantly, has a supportive and collaborative team. The iMAG team are second to none.”

“We are thrilled that Distortion Studios is opening doors to new possibilities for companies in the South West region, offering top-tier VP technology for diverse creative content, from filmmaking and documentaries to TV series and commercial projects,” concludes Patrick Goodden, Technical Sales Manager (UK and Ireland) at Brompton Technology. “It’s also fantastic to see iMAG supporting the studio with a high-end LED setup that includes our Tessera SX40 LED processing. We can’t wait to see all the great projects that the team will undertake in the future.”


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