Brompton Technology, the world’s leading LED video processing manufacturer, has partnered with Brainstorm 3D, a specialist company dedicated to providing industry-leading real-time 3D graphics and virtual set software solutions for broadcast, feature film production, and corporate presentations. Together, they offer a software solution that can be utilised for a wide range of broadcast applications, from the world’s largest broadcasters to regional stations, production houses, and content creation boutiques.

“We’ve collaborated with Brompton on numerous occasions for Proof of Concept (PoC), events, and presentations, including trade shows like IBC and ISE, and in partnership with LED vendors such as Alfalite and Unilumin,” explains Brainstorm’s Marketing and Communications Director, Miguel Churruca. “Our relationship with the company dates back to 2022, and from the beginning, it has been a seamless and productive collaboration. As two manufacturers of high-end products, we are particularly motivated to offer solutions that enhance our customers’ workflows.”

The solution developed by Brainstorm in close collaboration with the Brompton R&D team is a plugin that offers control of the key features offered by Brompton’s Tessera LED processors directly from Brainstorm’s interface. This makes it easier for users with Brainstorm and Brompton in their workflow to control the output of an LED screen without changing platforms, even dynamically as the image changes. This creates a leap in user experience and ensures that the best quality is achieved by applying changes on the right section of the video signal.

“Brainstorm users can access and adjust a full suite of Tessera software features such as OSCA, 3D LUT, ChromaTune, Extended Bit Depth, Frame Remapping, and Ultra-Low Latency directly from our renderer,” says David Moldes, Brainstorm’s Product Manager, who has been pivotal in this joint development. “The integration simplifies the process and enhances efficiency, with users able to access a comprehensive suite of technologies and tools within the same interface.”

The plugin is part of InfinitySet, Brainstorm’s most advanced virtual production, XR, and augmented reality solution. It not only features all the tools required for creating state-of-the-art virtual content, but also acts as a hub for many technologies, from tracking systems to interaction with other devices, controllers, mixers, chroma keyers, NRCS workflow for journalists and others that configure broadcast virtual production environments.

Being a firm believer that virtual production is reshaping the way content is produced, not only for its obvious benefits in terms of production costs savings with virtual technology, but also for the increased storytelling possibilities it provides, Churruca notes that the current challenge in virtual set production is matching reality, and creating a perfect, accurate version of reality in real-time, which is indistinguishable from reality itself. “What really makes the difference is to be unable to tell whether the images we are watching are real videos or digital renders. This is where the combination of Brompton and Brainstorm works its magic,” he exclaims.

“Our InfinitySet software perfectly integrates with industry ‘gold standard’ Brompton LED processing, offering ultra-realistic visuals that can be utilised for the creation of different scenes and environments, no matter if we are talking about sitcoms, news, sports or entertainment shows,” adds Moldes.

Having already presented their eStudio with InfinitySet solution at major trade shows,, Brainstorm will be taking the setup to the up-coming NAB Show in Las Vegas. There, they will be utilising Brompton’s 4K Tessera SX40 LED processor with a Unilumin LED video wall, showcasing real-time 3D virtual content featuring hyper realistic backgrounds, tracked movies and augmented reality graphics to simulate a complete broadcast show.

“We employ advanced techniques such as Set Extension, creating an additional augmented reality render to overlay on the LED screen,” explains Churruca. “This approach eliminates the visible boundaries of the screen, creating a fully virtual set. To achieve this seamless integration, we rely on Brompton’s Tessera software suite, which facilitates matching the colorimetry of the LED volume with the virtual render.”

“Brainstorm shares our passion for technology and continuously pushes the envelope in product innovation,” concludes Cesar Caceres, Product Lead at Brompton Technology. “We’re thrilled about this partnership and the opportunities it will bring to Brainstorm users working in the broadcast and feature film production industries.”


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