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    Argo Visual relies on Brompton Technology processing for high profile Indonesian events

    14th November, 2023

    Argo Visual, a multimedia equipment rental company based in Jakarta, Indonesia, is a long-time user of Brompton Technology LED processing. Since its inception in 2007, Argo Visual has achieved many milestones, including adding LED screens to its inventory in 2012. A significant breakthrough in 2018 saw it also take on big video mapping projects, including the Asian Para Games Opening Ceremony and 2022 G20 Gala Dinner.

    Argo Visual’s trusted combination is industry ‘gold standard’ Tessera SX40 4K LED processors powering its AOTO LED video wall, which delivers unparalleled image quality and stability required for the company’s high-profile clients. “Many of the projects we work on are seen on the world stage, so it’s absolutely vital that we provide the highest quality equipment,” says Alvin Antono, the company’s owner. As a company, Argo Visual works directly and very close with other Gold Standard manufacturers in the industry such as Panasonic, Christie Digital, and disguise.

    A prime example of this was the G20 Presidency Gala Dinner and the Digital Transformation Expo (DTE), one of the side events of last year’s G20 Leader’s Summit in Bali. This was one of Argo Visual’s biggest LED projects to date where they collaborated with event organisers, Kantara Creative, to provide the LED, projection, and video playback equipment, along with a technical crew to manage the installation and ensure the smooth running of the events.

    For DTE, Argo Visual supplied a large video wall comprising AOTO CLDRS Series 1.5mm LED panels, specially tailored for the high-end rental market. “The screen was installed with a slight curve, to show around 8 to 10 minutes of video about the digital transformation of Indonesia,” continues Antono. “For the LED video processing, we used three Brompton Tessera SX40 LED processors together with six Tessera XD 10G data distribution units, which offered perfect stability and ultra-realistic image quality throughout the five days of the event.”

    Antono points out that the AOTO LED panels used on the project were newly manufactured and were calibrated using Brompton’s Hydra advanced measurement system, custom-designed for LED panels fitted with a Tessera R2 receiver card to enable Dynamic Calibration and make them Brompton HDR-ready.

    According to Antono, a significant benefit of using Tessera processors and software is the ThermaCal feature that helps to maintain colour accuracy, even when the screen gets hot. Additionally, Tessera software features like OSCA allow for precise adjustments of bright and dark lines to be made between adjacent panels, ensuring a consistent and seamless viewing experience which is especially noticeable with the LED installed in a curved formation. “Last but not least is the exceptional technical support provided by the Brompton team which has been a valuable resource for our team at Argo Visual, enabling us to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently,” he adds.

    Organised by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia (MCI), last year’s DTE was a perfect platform to showcase the progress, innovation, and digital technology utilisation initiated by various stakeholders across the private and public sectors to accelerate a strong post-COVID-19 economic recovery. One of the contributing factors to the event’s success was the effective use of technology, including AOTO screens and Brompton LED processing, which allowed for the beautiful presentation of video material, and provided a visually stunning and immersive experience that captivated attendees and helped to communicate the event’s message effectively.

    “It was truly rewarding to see the public’s enthusiastic response to the LED setup we provided for DTE,” Antono says. “The main screen, which was powered by Brompton LED processing, was unparalleled in its visual quality and left a lasting impression on the audience. Even now, months after the show, we still get positive feedback from the event attendees. This is a testament to the effectiveness of utilising cutting-edge LED processing technology to enhance the overall experience of an event and why we will continue with the trusted combination of Brompton processing and AOTO LED screens.”

    “It is always exciting to see Brompton’s Tessera processors being used at high-profile events, where performance needs to be perfect,” concludes Elijah Ebo, Director of APAC Operations at Brompton. “We are grateful to Argo Visual for placing their trust in our LED processing equipment. In return, we work hard to provide unwavering support to our partners, offering them Brompton’s renowned 24/7 customer service, regular product update sessions and trainings, as well as other resources to ensure their success.”