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    SX40 gold Emmy edition


    On 15 August 2023, the SX40 was recognised with an Engineering, Science & Technology Emmy – five years after its launch. Adam Callaway, our Technical Solutions Manager, has travelled an epic journey with the SX40, from the 2018 Geneva Motor Show to the most renowned shows of 2023. Adam recalls that there was a massive demand for the SX40 even ahead of its launch, “People were jumping up and down to get hold of it, especially with the XD data distribution unit. The XD is one of the things that makes the SX40 so special – you’ve got a distribution unit that goes along with it, and that means you don’t have to run as many cables. This was game-changing when we launched it and a big thing that people were looking forward to using.”


    Semiconductor Supply: The Current Situation

    Brompton Technology continues to go from strength-to-strength, but one area that has been challenging for us throughout 2022 and into 2023 is the supply of semiconductors. The supply chain for semiconductors has been significantly disrupted with a lot of knock-on consequences for all electronics manufacturers, including Brompton. For a period of time the lead times on many essential components was over 52 weeks, making it very hard for manufacturers to respond to changes in demand. There were a variety of causes for this disruption, which were discussed in a blog in February 2022 ( We have had another chat with Brompton CEO Richard Mead to ask how things are looking now.

    TrueLight RGB and RGBW comparison

    Panels and Lighting: RGB vs RGBW 

    In our first blog in the series on Panels & Lighting, we look at the differences between RGB and RGBW panels.

    Vivi Chiang - Technical Account Manager at Brompton Technology

    Vivi Chiang

    With her love of learning, Vivi has become a powerhouse of knowledge – not just of LED processing, but also encompassing the whole virtual production workflow. 


    Pokman Chu

    Having fulfilled multiple key roles and led the opening of our first office in China, there's not an aspect of our APAC operations Pokman hasn’t touched.


    Recreating Reality: Synchronisation Artefacts

    Achieving synchronisation of systems with Genlock, Phase Offset and ShutterSync®.

    Elijah Ebo Director of APAC Operations

    Elijah Ebo

    Elijah is leading Brompton's exciting expansion in the APAC region with a team of 20 - and growing!


    Chris Grandin

    Just 24 hours after landing in the UK, Chris began his first day with Brompton in a fast-growing technical support team.


    Cesar Caceres

    Call him a technologist or a Brompton evangelist, what’s certain is that Cesar is passionate about his role as our Product Lead. 


    Neha Sharma

    When Neha joined Brompton, virtual production was taking off and live events were just coming back – it’s been a whirlwind ever since!