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    Brompton Technology
    Brompton Technology Ltd
    272 Gunnersbury Avenue
    Chiswick, London W4 5QB

    Cesar Caceres

    Product Lead

    15th December, 2022

    Cesar is back at Brompton! It’s his second role at the company, this time as Product Lead, which he describes as being a product evangelist, adding: “The main part of my job is sharing the best information about what we do and my experience with video systems. I am passionate about technology that makes an impact, so doing this for Brompton just feels natural.

    Another title that fits is ‘technologist’, but ultimately for Cesar it’s about what makes users’ experiences better, and that’s what captivated him about Brompton originally, “I thought to myself, this is a company that’s listening to its industry and developing innovations that bring the best products to market. For me, that’s really important. Brompton is loyal to its technology, and is truthful about every message it makes public.

    In the years since he was last here, Cesar delved into media servers and extended reality. XR technology was very new then and he became an XR expert while based in the APAC region. He says it was a very privileged position to be in, recalling, “I went to different parts of Asia, supporting studios with this new technology. That gave me the opportunity to meet amazing people from all around the world.

    Equipped with this valuable experience, Cesar also had the opportunity to work in a VFX studio in Hong Kong where they built a new system. It was a career highlight and being involved in the process of buying an LED system gave him valuable first-hand experience: “I saw how it works from the customer point of view, and how we can make this process easier for Brompton customers.” He’s very clear that his new role is about conversations rather than sales pitches, explaining, “It’s just me as an engineer trying to help people get the best they can out of their video system.

    With the benefit of time, Cesar provides a great perspective on what has changed at Brompton and two things stand out: “The structure of the company has got much stronger, and the processors have many more features,” he says. “It’s very exciting in my position, because the more things we come up with, the more conversations we need to have!

    Originally a sound engineer who started out in recording studios to go into live music, Cesar was drawn into the world of video, which changed everything for him: “It gave me a lot of what I was looking for in life, a new motivation. The technology is growing really fast and new things are always coming up. I love the challenge.” Even in his time off, Cesar will spend hours building 3D worlds in Unreal Engine or exploring fantastic possibilities in AI. “Everything that’s technology related I want to learn how to use it,” he exclaims.

    He’s looking forward to seeing how the company will continue to evolve and alludes that this is happening already. With a twinkle in his eye, Cesar concludes, “With Brompton something even better is always coming.