Cesar Caceres

13th March, 2024
Opportunities for greater creative complexity

As we stand on the brink of a new era in video distribution, how will the latest advancements make a change in the entertainment industry?

The broadcast industry is already very familiar with the benefits of networked video systems. These offer flexibility and scalability, and are capable of using many off-the-shelf devices and products for distribution. They can combine multiple streams down one higher bandwidth link and scale to larger systems more easily.

Broadcasters are increasingly turning to IP networks for the transport and delivery of video content, but many of the benefits will also make an impact for the pro-AV industry. Due to their versatility and interoperability as open standards, the two main AV-over-IP protocols emerging as industry standards are SMPTE 2110 and IPMX. While 2110 is strongly adapted for broadcast, some differences are required to best fit the pro-AV industry and so this is where IPMX offers the most benefit.


What SMPTE 2110 and IPMX offer

SMPTE 2110 is a protocol that sends video (as well as audio and data) over a network. It is already a well-established standard for broadcast, supporting standard video resolutions, and is also very effective for large, complex installs. SMPTE 2110 requires a PTP (Precision Time Protocol) server, and in cases of simple configurations could add some overhead.

IPMX is designed with pro-AV use cases in mind. It has been built on top of the SMPTE 2110 standard to expand its capabilities. It supports custom resolutions and facilitates a better user-driven experience. It can use (but does not require) a PTP server and offers a direct connection between machines without a switch for distribution which allows for simpler configurations. The IPMX protocol aims to deliver the experience of HDMI-over-IP.


Key benefits in LED video processing applications

As a member of the AIMS alliance, Brompton Technology has endeavoured to support SMPTE 2110 and IPMX with all its capabilities, which includes testing the workflows with manufacturing partners to apply real-case user benefits. In the case of LED processing, integrating AV-over-IP protocols offers several advantages, especially for projects in the entertainment industry, and we’re excited about its potential to facilitate greater levels of functionality, quality and reliability.

Reliability – One of the major benefits is its promise of an unbreakable connection. With SMPTE 2110, every device connects seamlessly, offering more stability. This does of course require a strong network and Brompton’s next generation of processors bring redundancy capabilities to ensure peak reliability.

Optimisation – IPMX offers, among other benefits, maximum optimisation. Without a ratio restriction, you can stream exactly the pixels required to make the most out of the connection bandwidth and fit them in the processor canvas being used for the project. This is a great advantage in the case of LED walls, which do not usually follow standard resolutions.

Interoperability and scalability – Another benefit of SMPTE 2110 and IPMX is the interoperability it offers. SMPTE 2110 is a standard that keeps evolving and every day more brands are integrating it with their systems. This means you can mix and match equipment from different brands and they’ll still work together – no need to worry about compatibility issues. Similarly, you can achieve improved signal distribution when using off-the-shelf network switches and other components.

Ultimately, in entertainment it is all about stunning visuals and SMPTE 2110 and IPMX can help reliably deliver the most complex shows and projects we’ve yet to see.


Gen 3 LED processing

Brompton Technology Gen 3 processing introduces support for the latest resolutions and protocols to deliver a future-proof platform capable of handling the most demanding applications. It includes support for 8K, 4x4K, video-over-IP protocols including SMPTE 2110 and IPMX, and flexible aspect ratios (ultra-wide or ultra-tall to suit your set-up).

For more about Gen 3 processing, visit our website here: https://www.bromptontech.com/products/processors/


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