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    Brompton Technology
    Brompton Technology Ltd
    272 Gunnersbury Avenue
    Chiswick, London W4 5QB

    Create a real-time, reactive background that perfectly syncs with the camera for a seamless and fully immersive filming experience.

    lifelike colour

    The true-to-life colours and image bit depth of HDR transform an LED screen into a realistic 3D background on camera, without compromise.

    Nightflyers, Photo: Jonathan Hession / USA Network

    imagination to screen

    Create huge sets and worlds limited by imagination, not budget. LED screens offer consistent lighting, engaging environments on set, and streamline the lengthy post-production process.

    on camera and in control

    Low-latency, genlocked LED processing in combination with new camera tracking technology create a seamless virtual set that synchronises perfectly with the action.


    the future of tv and film

    Virtual production is revolutionising filmmaking. LED screens with quality LED processing are being used as impressive replacements for traditional green screens, enabling filmmakers to capture both live action and CGI in-camera together.

    Lengthy and expensive location shoots can now be streamlined into one trip – capture the ideal light once then bring it back to the studio and recreate it as many times as needed in a controlled environment.

    VFX teams can create intricate, fantastical worlds that actors can see and react to in real time. Directors of sci-fi and fantasy see their worlds through the lens immediately, and can work collaboratively to change them in real-time, rather than after filming wraps.

    The Brompton team has already been part of several pioneering film and TV projects using virtual production and LED walls as green screen replacements, as well as having years of experience delivering great results on camera.

    We work closely with companies who are at the forefront of this exciting new technology to deliver immersive, believable worlds that take film beyond LED panels.

    MuShang XR Stage

    better by design

    Brompton products are designed from the outset to make LED panels look as good on camera as they do in person, providing LED processing features that are ideal for creating lifelike 3D sets on a flat LED screen.


    Genlock and Phase Offset

    Genlock your entire system for perfect smoothness and use phase offset to shift on-camera artefacts off frame.

    Ultra Low Latency

    Reduces end-to-end latency to just 1 frame, providing a solution for broadcast television and film industries.


    Tunes your LED screen to the camera, not vice versa, giving the DOP creative flexibility for camera configuration.

    Frame Rate Multiplication

    Increases the system’s output frame rate, offering significant benefits in a range of different applications.

    HFR + (High Frame Rate)

    HFR+ gives you the power to play video content on an LED screen at up to 250fps (frames per second).

    Extended Bit Depth

    New levels of dynamic range. Unlock up to 3.3 additional bits for superb image quality and maximised HDR content.


    Get greater brightness and colour ranges with a higher bit depth, for sharper, vivid, detailed, lifelike images.


    Multiple processors controlled as one. Setups can be large and versatile – with quicker, greatly simplified control.


    Overcome limitations in driver chips, LEDs and panel design to ensure neutral colour balance across the greyscale. 

    processing power

    The award-winning Tessera SX40 LED Processor is the perfect solution for green screen replacement options, and is already the processor of choice for several TV and film projects using virtual scenery.

    A selection of our Virtual Production Partners
    See us in action
    “We have been extremely happy with Brompton processing for our film and TV projects. The quality of their products really stands out and makes a difference in the speed and capabilities we have on set!!”
    Phil Galler – Lux Machina

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    Award-winning production house Reno Studios creates Taiwan’s finest pixel pitch virtual production facility.
    Elijah Ebo
    Elijah is leading Brompton’s exciting expansion in the APAC region with a team of 20 – and growing!


    Tessera SX40

    4K Video Processors: The award-winning SX40 | Brompton Technology

    Tessera S8

    A mid-range processor perfect for high-profile projects that don’t require large output capacity but want the full suite of Tessera processing features.

    Tessera S4

    A straightforward powerhouse processor built for large, high resolution LED screens, offering fewer creative features for competitive value.

    Tessera T1

    Designed for creativity, an ideal choice for smaller creative shows and displays that don’t need to output a huge amount of pixels.