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    High Dynamic Range (HDR) content on an LED screen using Dynamic Calibration can look incredible. But the quality of the content is just as important as the quality of the screen, and it can be difficult to find really good HDR content to use when evaluating, testing, or demonstrating an LED wall.

    We have partnered with renowned video creatives Mystery Box to provide this exceptionally high quality HDR test content. Mystery Box has an international reputation for the quality of their HDR footage, and these samples have been specially selected to exercise all the key aspects of HDR on LED panels.rnrnThis test content is free for Brompton Technology customers to download and use for evaluating, testing and demonstrating LED displays.

    Download link at the end of the page, subject to accepting terms of use.

    [00:00:04:00 – 00:00:11:59]

    This room scene shows how Dynamic Calibration enables intense highlights without compromising the atmosphere, colour, or detail of shadowy areas. The brightness Zebra Pattern tool will show where the LEDs are struggling and being asked to display brightness beyond their capabilities.

    [00:00:12:00 – 00:00:18:27]

    These next scenes have incredible detail to demonstrate the wide dynamic range that HDR excels at. The Moroccan lamp scene particularly displays the intense points of light from the lamps simultaneously with dark shadowy areas of the scene.

    [01:00:18:28 – 00:00:22:23]

    This Uzbek mosque scene with patterned tiles can help demonstrate the resolution-independent nature of HDR. Even if your screen is a quarter of the resolution of the content, the realism in HDR will fool the eye that the screen is a higher resolution.

    [00:00:22:24 – 00:00:28:52]

    This motorcycling scene is very bright with both a wide colour gamut and dark shadows. Use the brightness slider to reduce the brightness of your LEDs for more uniformity or overdrive them for added punch at the cost of some uniformity.

    [00:00:28:53 – 00:00:34:52]

    The next two scenes were shot in the Costa Rican rainforest. Both scenes show saturated greens and reds that are at the limits of the Rec.2020 colour space. Dynamic Calibration takes an intelligent approach to out of gamut colours, enabling the best LED panel performance.

    [00:00:34:53 – 00:00:40:51]

    This intensely saturated content is ideal for testing out the LED panel’s capabilities. The colour Zebra Pattern tool can show which parts of the content are out of gamut, and colour targets can be adjusted manually in real-time to suit.

    [00:00:40:52 – 00:00:48:00]

    This sequence showing scenes of Bulgarian dancers is very helpful to demonstrate the accuracy of subtle colours like skin tones. Dynamic Calibration and PureTone, alongside other Tessera features like Chromatune allow for precise colour adjustments to be sure you’re getting realistic natural colours.

    [00:00:48:01 – 00:00:52:14]

    This forest landscape scene has an enormous dynamic range, and again the brightness Zebra tool can help show where LEDs are being pushed hard or beyond their capabilities. Using the brightness slider and overdrive feature to help give the desired result.

    [00:00:52:15 – 00:00:56:33]

    These two Uzbek knife-making scenes are the sort of content that HDR is famous for. The first scene features both enormous dynamic range and the intense saturated colour of the flames, sparks and hot coals.

    [00:00:56:34 – 00:01:00:48]

    This scene shows the knife-maker sharpening a knife on a grinding wheel, with intense extremely bright sparks coming from the knife edge. Most of the time Dynamic Calibration maintains absolute uniformity, but here it intelligently sacrifices uniformity for maximum brightness to give real visual impact.

    [00:01:00:49 – 00:01:07:46]

    The interior of this Uzbek mosque scene shows intense brightness from the sun coming through the right-hand window, as the shot tracks forward. Not only does this show off smooth, glitch-free video input, but also how Dynamic Calibration deals with the intense sunlight whilst maintaining the atmosphere and detail of this interior.

    [00:01:07:49 – 00:01:10:53]

    The last two scenes are shot at as the sun sets, with incredibly bright sunlight, dark landscapes, and pinprick streetlights. Dynamic Calibration effortlessly handle HDR content with low light content like this, giving you with full real time colour and brightness control.

    [00:01:10:54 – 00:01:14:00]

    Try blocking the sky with your hand to take in incredible foreground detail in this scene that would be lost in SDR. Dynamic Calibration displays HDR content as it’s supposed to be seen; with realistic colours, rich play of light and shadows, and stunning detail.


    File Size: 228.3Mb


    • Resolution: 3840 x 2160 (UHD)
    • Frame rate: 59.94
    • Compression format: H265 (HEVC), Main 10, Level 5.1, High Profile
    • Bit depth: 10 bit
    • Chroma subsampling: 4:2:0
    • Colour space: BT.2020
    • HDR format: SMPTE ST2084 PQ
    • Maximum Content Light Level (MaxCLL): 1000 Nits
    • Maximum Frame-Average Light Level (MaxFALL): 120 Nits
    • Average bit rate: 23.5Mbps
    • Maximum bit rate: 48.9Mbps


    • Channels: Stereo
    • Format: AAC
    • Sample rate: 48KHz
    • Bit rate: 192Kbps

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