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Beautiful dynamic content, ready for its close up.

Represent your brand as it’s best known, with features that provide pixel-perfect colour tuning to match the colours on screen to the correct company hue.
The true-to-life colours and image bit depth of HDR create a truly stunning video display without compromising on uniformity.
Hardware and software designed to be robust and straightforward, with convenient remote and offline access, as well as renowned 24/7 support.
Fine-Pitch Installation

Whether it’s a video wall in a house of worship, a welcoming message for guests to your hotel, or a dynamic screen in a meeting room, LED video walls are becoming popular choices for many fine-pitch installations where the viewer is getting up close and personal with the content.

LED screens can deliver more finely controllable brightness and colour settings than projection screens, which really matters in environments with sensitive or ambient light.

However if the screens look mismatched or patchy, if the images are lagging behind live content or showing strange colours or stretching the text, then that display becomes a distraction rather than an enhancement. You want people to see the content, not the panels the content is playing on.

The advantages and disadvantages of your LED video processor have a direct impact on the LED display, so it is very important to choose a solution that is built with longevity and robustness in mind, offering features designed by the people who understand the needs of technicians and the installation industry.


Everything about Brompton design comes from years of industry experience – so all Brompton products and features are designed to be robust, reliable and genuinely useful, with easy setup and maintenance.

HDR: Precise reproduction of the colours in your content; from vivid and saturated to delicate and lifelike

ChromaTune: A built-in 14-way colour corrector for precise colour adjustment when you need it, with independent adjustments for primary, secondary and tertiary colours in a video without affecting the others

High Bit Depth: Receive up to 12 bits per colour via HDMI, with internal processing and transmission to panels that maintains this level of precision

Fine-Pitch Installation
Fine-Pitch Installation

OSCA: An intuitive user interface that appears on your LED wall to make it easy and fast to select and correct visible seams or mismatched module colours

Dark Magic: Smooth gradients without banding, even at low brightnesses

Easy setup: Drag ‘n drop and live editing workflows, as well as easy previewing, remote access, and an offline editor for convenient planning

Processing Power

The Tessera S8 LED processor is robust, reliable, and makes use of Brompton’s full suite of industry-leading Tessera features.

It’s the ideal choice for more budget-conscious, fine-pitch installation projects that might not require a large output capacity but still want to benefit from a flexible, powerful LED processor with superior colour control.

Tessera S8 LED Processor
Tessera SX40

Brompton’s first 4K processor and the best LED processor currently available on the market. Used with the XD Data Distribution Unit to provide a comprehensive solution for 4K screens.

Tessera S8

A mid-range processor perfect for high-profile projects that don’t require large output capacity but want the full suite of Tessera processing features.

Tessera S4

A straightforward powerhouse processor built for large, high resolution LED screens, offering fewer creative features for competitive value.

Tessera T1

Designed for creativity, an ideal choice for smaller creative shows and displays that don’t need to output a huge amount of pixels.

Tessera M2

Brompton’s flagship HD LED processor, offering unrivalled creative and colour management features.


High Dynamic Range offers greater brightness and colour ranges with a higher bit depth, appearing perceptibly sharper and more detailed for vivid, lifelike images.


Limitations in the driver chips, LEDs and panel electrical design can be overcome to ensure neutral colour balance across the entire greyscale.


Provides real-time compensation for thermal artefacts such as pink/cyan pin-cushioning, and gradients due to swapped modules.

Dark Magic

Improves the appearance of panels operating at less than their maximum brightness by reducing banding and increasing detail in dark areas.

Dark Magic

On-Screen Colour Adjustment (OSCA) enables a special user interface to appear on the LED screen itself, allowing for quick, easy module and seam selection.


Offers powerful and intuitive colour correction with two operating modes – 14 Way Colour Corrector and Colour Replace. Easily and independently adjust primary, secondary and tertiary colours.

Tessera Software

Tessera Management Software gives you full control over your Tessera System, with an array of powerful, easy-to-use features for an impeccable show every time.

Tessera Management Software

The Tessera system is genlocked from the video input all the way down to the LED refresh cycle, giving perfectly smooth video with no dropped or doubled frames.

Nuestra Belleza Latina

Delivers ultimate peace of mind for users by introducing an auto-failover mechanism that allows a back-up processor to take over in just a few seconds.