An extensive range of LED processing tools to help create stunning, flawless broadcasts, with the assurance of reliability and 24-hour support.


The LED screen is an exciting and versatile component of the broadcast environment – delivering stunning visuals that can completely transform the studio from broadcast to broadcast, with also the potential for presenters and talent to be immersed in the environment as never before – delivering a more engaging and riveting viewer experience.

Our LED video processing features help transform workflows and expand the possibilities of what can be done in broadcast environments – such as when working with multiple cameras or using extended reality elements when you have presenters or talent on stage.

Bringing Industry-leading LED Processing to broadcast

True HDR and colour accuracy

Achieve best-ever image quality – with accurate and repeatable colour rendition, support for relevant colour spaces, better dynamic range, advanced colour management through features such as 3D LUT Import, and more.

Artefact-free on-camera performance

Get the tools for resolving timing issues on site and eliminate artefacts at any frame rate. This includes Genlock Phase Offset for shifting artefacts out of frame and ShutterSync which gives you control to tune the LED refresh to the camera.

World-class reliability and support

Brompton products are renowned for their reliability and longevity, so important in broadcast, which also comes with the assurance of 24/7 world-class technical support around the globe.

Support for XR and multi-camera workflows

Features like Frame Remapping mean you don’t have to force compromises with multi-camera workflows, while Hidden Markers (including Custom Markers) allows you to apply any marker and it won’t be seen by the camera.

Future-proof Protocols

Our forthcoming Gen 3 processing solutions offer support for the latest resolutions and protocols, including SMPTE 2110 and IPMX, delivering a future-proof platform capable of handling the most demanding applications

opportunities and developments in broadcast
AV-OVER-IP protocols in LED processing

Brompton Product Lead, Cesar Caceres, looks at the opportunities for greater creative complexity in the SMPTE 2110 and IPMX protocols.

SMPTE 2110 Blog
Uncovering IPMX

Jed Deame, CEO of Nextera Video, talks about IPMX, the new AV over IP open standard for pro AV. He uncovers what it is, key features, and why it’s important.

Landscape Banner_3840x1646px_Blog_IPMX_Mar2024-Logos
API Control from a single location

Brompton’s open API and API integrations, available with our software, allow you to control various elements of your system from a single location.

Broadcast studio and camera
SQ200 Front_Mar24_Name



Genlock your entire system for perfect smoothness and use phase offset to shift on-camera artefacts off frame.

Frame Remapping

Have multi-camera setups, with each camera seeing different content when viewing the same LED screen at the same time.


Get greater brightness and colour ranges with a higher bit depth, for sharper, vivid, detailed, lifelike images.


Import a 3D LUT directly into your Tessera software project file, for advanced colour management capabilities.


Tunes your LED screen to the camera, not vice versa, giving the DOP creative flexibility for camera configuration.

Tracking Markers

Overlays tracking markers onto displayed video content and ensures markers never appear in shot or in reflections.

Ultra Low Latency

Reduces end-to-end latency to just 1 frame, providing a solution for broadcast television and film industries.
sky news broadcast studio
“We chose Brompton not just because of the fantastic relationship we’ve had with the company over the years, but because of the scalability, the flexibility and the quality of the final output that we get with the products. We know that whatever a client might want to come in and do, we’ll be able to do it with the tools that Brompton gives us. It’s also about the fact that Brompton constantly develops new features for its processors which we can simply push to the space without needing to change hardware. This means there’s no need to refresh the space or tear it apart.”
Andy Hook, Director of Technology Strategy, d&b
“We know that wherever we are in the world, and no matter what time of the day it is, we can always count on their expert support. This definitely offers a level of comfort when working on high pressure, fast-paced film and TV productions, where time is of the essence and no two creative briefs are the same.”
Peter Canning, Emmy Award-winning lighting designer & Creative Director, High Res
“We employ advanced techniques such as Set Extension, creating an additional augmented reality render to overlay on the LED screen. This approach eliminates the visible boundaries of the screen, creating a fully virtual set. To achieve this seamless integration, we rely on Brompton’s Tessera software suite, which facilitates matching the colorimetry of the LED volume with the virtual render.”
Miguel Churruca, Marketing and Communications Director, Brainstorm


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