Alex Guo 

Programme Manager – Shenzhen

1st February, 2024

Alex joined Brompton on the 1st of April 2020, then as Calibration Support Engineer for our Shenzhen operations. It was a fortuitous day he recalls, “It’s the day my niece was born, so I always remember that day.” Previously, Alex had worked as a technical support engineer for an LED panel manufacturer. He’d come across Brompton’s products and people, and it left quite an impression on him, so much so that he sought out a career here. 

When Alex joined our China operations in Shenzhen, the office had been open for just over a year. There’d already been a lot of growth in the region and Brompton was preparing to move to bigger premises along with three new hires, Alex among them. He adds, “Most of the LED panel manufacturers are in China, so most of the panel calibration was happening there. My job back then was a calibration engineer and to operate our Hydra – it was just released when I joined Brompton – so I had to take Hydra to every factory that needed the calibration.” 

Alex counts his very first calibration task as a career highlight – a colossal project involving more than 2000 panels. He shares, “That project was the first to be calibrated by Hydra. Everyone kept their eye on it! I was really stressed, but ultimately everyone was happy, so this was definitely one of the first highlights of my career.” 

Alex G Blog Image 2

With the continued growth of operations in Shenzhen, Brompton needed more account managers in the region and Alex saw this as a great career opportunity. He took up a new role as project manager as a stepping stone and after a year of experience was promoted to account manager in 2023. Continuing his career path growth, Alex was promoted to programme manager in 2024, leading our new, structured project management team and overseeing all Brompton integration projects. He adds, “I oversee the needs of Brompton’s manufacturing and end-user customers, while also taking charge of managing various projects in China. And I coordinate and provide resources or information across our teams.” 

Alex is enjoying the new challenges of the role, helping meet the varying needs of his team and working with a variety of panel manufacturers – from the largest leading enterprises to smaller manufacturers. He adds, “There’s also been a lot of development in the VP and XR industries. More and more companies are contacting us, asking about how to integrate with Brompton.” 

It’s another highlight of his career – working in the team he is now, in a fast-growing and expanding Shenzhen operation. Alex enthuses, “I’ve got to say, our team is the best. We’ve had huge growth in sales. We’re really making good progress.” 

Alex is known for his optimism and high levels of energy – always the one to raise people’s spirits and get the conversation going. At the end of a busy week, he still has enough energy for Friday night basketball, a sport he’s been playing since he was 10! But he does like to kick back and watch TV series too – as long as they offer sufficient levels of drama and excitement! 


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