Adam Callaway 

Global Lead: Virtual Production & Broadcast

24th April, 2024

Adam joined Brompton in May 2015, at the time as our development support specialist, a role that involved “anything from QA on software to supporting customers and dealing with RMAs”. He’d previously worked for rental house PRG, where he was responsible for preparing lighting control systems. He’d also had a look at Brompton’s control system, which made an impression: “I could see Brompton was the future of video processing, so it was something I wanted to be involved with.” 

That insight has stood Adam in good stead. When he started with Brompton all those years ago there was just a small team of three. He’s witnessed first-hand the company’s amazing growth and, along with it, his career. 

Soon after joining Brompton, Adam’s role became primarily support focused so that he could work more closely with customers, providing support when they needed it as well as training. He then became more involved with customer projects, working in different parts of the world in the early phases of a production to “basically catch issues before they would become issues”. 

Adam’s role became more defined with his promotion to Technical Solutions Manager, which happened at about the time virtual production was really taking off. It was the perfect segue into his current role as our Global Lead for Virtual Production and Broadcast – a job that is all about “our customers, our end users and our partners, and making sure they’re getting the most out of Brompton and that they achieve the outcome they’re after”. 

Adam has had a front-seat view of the growing and quickly changing VP market for LED processing. He shares, “VP is available to a much wider user base now and it’s becoming a mainstay in the toolset that filmmakers have, alongside green screen and shooting on location.” One studio that helped define this new status quo is Garden Studios in London. Adam notes, “Their VP stage is used for advertising shoots and is a very commercially successful stage. They kind of forged the way of: you don’t need a massive volume to make this work.” 

Broadcast is another exciting market, with many new technologies and opportunities entering this sector. Adam adds, “Broadcasters are looking to engage their audiences in new ways, and LED processing will play a big part in delivering more immersive experiences.” 

Celebrating nine years with Brompton, Adam can of course count many career highlights, big and small, or tall in some cases. He shares, “One project that’s close to my heart is the BT Tower in London. While it’s not the largest project we’ve done, it’s in your hometown and gets seen by millions of people every day. It was used for things like Covid messaging through the pandemic to make sure people had the latest updates from a central point.” 

Another highlight is the Metallica World Wired Tour. Adam adds, “We had 52 flown cubes of LED driven by our M2 processors. It was a very complicated project technically, and very rewarding. That show still holds the capacity record at the O2 in London, which as a home venue is something I’m very proud of.” 

The opportunity to work with and be with the team collecting the Emmy Award for the Tessera SX40 LED processor is of course a major highlight. Adam has been with the SX40 since the very beginning and now he’s looking forward to the next epic journey – with Brompton’s most powerful processor to date: the SQ200 

The global footprint that comes with Adam’s current role means he travels frequently. In one week he can visit four major cities alone! What’s his secret to making it all work? “You have to be really good at planning,” he says. “You need to plan your week in advance and leave time to deal with anything that may or may not come up. You definitely have to be organised for sure.” 

As well as being organised and always searching for the silver lining in every situation, Adam also has a taste for adventure. Running, cycling, hiking and exploring are all a big part of his life. Luckily these are all pursuits that travel well! He adds, “Running is a fantastic way of exploring a new city or town and is a great way to start the day!” When he has the opportunity, Adam will end his day with a night hike in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park, adding, “There’s something peaceful about the breath-taking views over LA in the dead of night.”  

Adam’s taste for adventure is also culinary, so he’s found many hidden gems. If you’re in LA, he recommends El Patron in Altadena: “They do tacos for four dollars. And they remember all their customers and what their favourites are – food and drink just arrive at your table, and it’s fantastic every time. It makes you feel at home when you’re away from home.” 


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